Thursday, 23 March 2017

The NEW Societal Enemy ( Original)

As I was scrolling through the newsfeed here at a few days ago, I noticed something disturbing. Another member posted a status saying that thist would be a great website if people who didn't think they were "fucking artists" posted their content. What was more disturbing was the person who agreed wholeheartedly with the first member was actually a subscriber of mine. If you are not familiar with my postings, I post a lot of creative stuff including song covers, illustrations, poetry and so on. But I had a few other thoughts as well.
One, I don't think the administrators of this site feel the same as these members. There are many groups and pages to share each other's work, and I am sure the admins are well aware of this. Two, why get mad at artists? That's like shouting at a butterfly. We only want to add beauty to a world that desperately needs it in these times. Three, many members disagree with you. They state their disagreement in upvoting various pieces and contributing in artistic groups themselves. Four, you always have the choice to block the updates you don't want to see. No one is forcing you to see the content you are seeing. And if artwork is your biggest gripe, you can always go to a site that does not showcase as much of it.
There is too much consorship in the world today as it is. Let the beauty of the world shine through. Appreciate what is there. 
*Dedicated with love and light to my fellow artists and art appreciators: "It is better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness."

Thursday, 16 March 2017