Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Last night I had another fall. It was a bad one. I was moving my "shoe" chair away from the balcony door and I tripped over it and landed backwards, bumping my head and scraping my back on the baseboard heater in the process. As I fell I yelled for Adam, even though he is unable to pick me up. I just needed him to come into the living room and reassure me that everything would be okay. Falling with fibromyalgia is a common thing. But when I do fall, I have trouble sending signals to my legs to move or do anything that is otherwise helpful. I finally got up with the aid of the couch and went to the bedroom to lie down.

I always feel a little silly when I fall because I cannot get myself up right away. If I am with strangers, they don't buy that I can't get up, especially if I happen to land spread eagle on the ground. Their advice to me seems to be "Just get up". Wow, that's helpful. I wish I'd thought of that myself.

Well, time for me to go back to bed and convalesce. Gee, I don't do that nearly enough in life. Stay metal.