Friday, 23 June 2017


I posted a video the other night, and another YouTube creator posted her video roughly ten minutes later. The difference? I was stuck at one view while she was at 16 views after 5 minutes. I looked at her, looked at me and came to a stark realization: I cannot compete with her.

And while she was not Pink, she was at least that pretty. I know I am obese, but at one time I wasn't - and I still didn't look like that. I had bad luck genetics-wise. I kept thinking I will never have more of an audience than I do right now, I should just quit while I'm ahead. And then there was laughter.

I was just talking to my husband like I always do, and he laughed because of a silly face I made. Then it occurred to me - I needed to play to my own strengths, not someone else's. So that's what I began doing - being more of myself in my videos and see what happens. I have not had an overwhelming response yet, but I know these things take time. And at least now I am doing videos that are 100% me, and not the "me" I try to be in order to please others.