Friday, 16 June 2017


As someone who has spent a great deal of time on both platforms I feel very capable of discussing the differences between these two video sharing sites. Let me start off by saying that the whole idea of this debate is kind of pointless. It is like two kids arguing about who would win in a fight, Batman versus Superman. This confrontation will likely remain in the hypothetical. And lets face it - we all know Batman kicks ass. So here are some actual ways I have used (here and in my own mind) to compare the two sites.

Popularity This is one aspect of this debate where Vidme proponents will often try to claim that YouTube has an unfair advantage. YouTube has been around for a lot longer, it's bigger, of course people will gravitate towards that. Sure, this is true to some degree, but just look at the videos on both platforms. Just look. I don't know, maybe the creators are more motivated on YouTube to create better videos because it is a much bigger entity and in order to be seen, your videos have to be that much better. And to go viral - your videos have to be damn near professional. And that is all on the creators, not the site. The length of time YouTube has been around has next-to-nothing to do with it. For seniority to be a factor, you'd have to call foul because of videos like "Charlie Bit My Finger" and why they are trending to this day.

Monetization While YouTube has monetization, Vidme is not quite sure what this term means. As Geek Wisdom, my channel was monetized, meaning I earned a portion of the ad revenue from my videos. Seems simple, right? Not to Vidme. When I first joined Vidme, they allowed creators to verify their channels with complete ease. You have an existing channel on YouTube or Vimeo? Super - now you're verified! I think their requirements have gotten a little more stringent since then, but that is neither here nor there. In order to be "monetized" on Vidme, you had to first be verified. What does monetization on Vidme entail, you may ask? Well, it does not mean "monetization" in the strictest definition. Or any definition. It means you can now beg for tips from people watching your videos. Of course this system has its flaws, such as why would someone pay you for something that was free five minutes ago, and that they are not obligated to do? 

As you can imagine this topic is rich in the bullcrap, so I will not make you read a novella to get to the entertaining video link at the bottom. Join me tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of the much-anticipated match between Batman and Superman!!!