Tuesday, 21 February 2017


In my cosy little hammock which is definitely located to the right of centre, I swore off politics some time ago. Too much hatred, too much vitriol, and not worth my time. I do watch with interest the videos and commentators who discuss social issues. I used to be a rabid Milo fan. But then I began to listen to him more closely - how much hatred he had for people, the fact that he puts everyone down who is not exactly like him, and the fact that he is a full-on sociopath. He obviously is very influential on social media (re: his attack on Leslie Jones of "Ghostbusters" fame), and how his little groupies took that as a green light to go after her as well. To this day, he takes no responsibility for anything that was said to Ms. Jones, as though on social media he is a non-entity. I wish.

Now he decided to open his fat yap on The Joe Rogan Experience about an encounter he had with a priest as a 14 year-old boy. He credits that priest with teaching him how to give great "head". Joe Rogan tried to talk to him about it in a compassionate way, and Milo kept insisting that it was consensual (like a 14 year-old can give consent) and how highly he thinks of this priest (Father Michael) to this day. When Joe Rogan was flabbergasted by his attitude to being molested (maybe more), Milo asked Joe Rogan if he never got turned on by a 15 year-old girl. Joe gave the perfect answer: "Yeah, when I was 15 I thought they were hot as hell. But not at the age I am now!" Milo still saw nothing wrong with what he was saying; his only concern was that "Father Michael" did not receive any backlash for this. I would have been more stunned by this interview if I hadn't already decided that Milo was capable of anything. And I don't mean in a good way.

So now Milo has been disinvited to a conference for Conservatives due to his idiocy. I don't know why they would invite him to begin with. He denies being a Conservative at every turn. He's not a Conservative; he is a troll. There is a huge difference.

And Simon & Schuster cancelled his book deal. Milo had a book coming out in a month or two called "Dangerous" which topped Amazon's bestseller list the day it was announced that this book was coming out. This was last November, I believe. But I am sure he will find another publisher. What I am most disappointed in is the attitude of many of my right-leaning peeps in this sudden controversy that surrounds their prophet. Just because someone shares similar political views to you does not mean they should be absolved of all of the heinous things they do. Especially when that person works tirelessly to make your side look bad.

As someone who went through horrific sexual abuse for the first two decades of my life, I cannot see how people can continue to give him a pass for his stupidity, especially after this. Admit it - if this was someone on the left who was revered politically and socially and they came forward talking about pedophilia like this, there would be screaming, petitions and jumping up and down like Rumpelstiltskin. Oh hell no. On this issue I stand proudly with my friends on the left. This time THEY are the ones who are Right.