Wednesday, 19 July 2017


I don't know what made me do it, but at least I am keeping a sense of humor about it. And now I have that ridiculous song running through my head, as it will likely do for my viewers tomorrow. Why does freedom so often feel the same as oppression? I don't know. Maybe in the course of writing this post I can figure that out.

Yes, that's me. The filter makes me look almost celestial and when I open my mouth to sing, that really seals the deal. The only problem is this: that is not my voice. I would classify my actual singing voice as "fair". I don't think it's something I could ever do professionally and I am fine with that. I just enjoy singing. It's something I indulge in daily.

I used to enjoy singing a lot more before someone on Facebook who I thought was a friend (for years) bashed my singing on a public page. Now obviously I know I am not a professional singer. And I certainly don't force anyone to listen to my songs. But he went out of his way to make me feel awful. Needless to say I have blocked him, but I cannot seem to forget criticism from anyone. Especially if I am blindsided by a "friend". So I made a change today, one I am still not sure about.

To put it nicely, I am using different effects for my solo songs. To put it crudely, I am auto-tuning the crap out of it. And this is not like me at all. And yet, here I am, trying to justify the high notes people will notice I hit on Lesley Gore's song "You Don't Own Me". Basically I used a filter that people feel compelled to use when their own voice just doesn't seem to be cutting it. But this is new and I may actually return to my normal voice in recordings. But if this means I won't be insulted because of my singing voice, I'll be whoever you want me to be.