Wednesday, 2 August 2017


I create content for social media - probably more than most people. And I have noticed some things that could be improved upon. In return, this can help us all hang on to that one frazzled nerve we have left from our three-dimensional lives.

Let it go If you don't like someone's post for whatever reason, it is not vitally important that you go off on a rant in the comments section. No one is waiting with bated breath to hear what you think. Want to see a different opinion? Make your own post. Until then, Felicia, shut the hell up and get over yourself.

Do not feed the trolls I made an amendment to this one not too long ago. It limits those regrets that you didn't land the perfect line and you let them get off so easily. So now I have made a deal with myself: I would think up the best comment I could come up with in that given situation...and THEN I would stop feeding the troll. It makes me feel much better. And I am blessed with genes that allow me to be both cold and cutting in equal measure. No point in wasting all that good fortune.

Your baby is you I don't mind seeing one or two pictures of your bundle from heaven, but why do I need to see 16 pictures of a newborn in the same onesie? How do you feel when other people do that to you? Exactly. Now stop it.

Quit it with the Victim Olympics already These people have no idea what is going on in anyone else's life because they can't shut up about their own drama long enough to pay attention. Want to know something? As humans we technically start dying when we hit 21 years old. All of us. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.