Tuesday, 8 August 2017


What a week this has been so far! First I finally reach my goal of 10,000 views on YouTube so I would be eligible for monetization. Then this morning I was looking at my Video Manager for some reason and I noticed the loveliest sight - little dollar signs next to my individual video view counts, just waiting for me to come along and turn them green. Yes, I am monetized now. I felt like I was floating around in a bubble. That is, until the bubble burst about halfway through the first page. 

One of my videos I had done for my daily news commentary series called REACT had a sad looking yellow dollar sign among all of the proud green ones. I soon discovered that the yellow dollar signs mean that my video was deemed not advertiser-friendly. Thing is, I knew why I was denied monetization for that video. The bigger question then becomes am I going to let this change my news commentary at all? 

Nope. My REACT items speak the truth about subjects that find too many people in deep denial. I want to spread the message that it is okay to speak up. People won't always like what you have to say, but you know that no matter what you have maintained a strength of conviction. And even if I never make more money than I would need for a cup of coffee, I will know that I tried to make the world a better place - one non-advertiser-friendly video at a time.