Tuesday, 25 April 2017


 This is iDubbbz. I can safely say that he is my favourite YouTuber. It was actually because of the incident depicted here that I wanted to check out his channel. Apparently, he went to a YouTube meet-up for Tana Mongeau (left). As they posed for a picture he said "Say n******!" And that's all I knew about him when I checked out that first video. I am glad I did, for a number of reasons. I discovered there was much more to the story than other YouTubers had been reporting. And I discovered he was hilarious. So I watched more of his videos. I do watch other creators on YouTube, but I watch his videos the most. They make me laugh. And really, isn't that the ultimate goal in watching something that is meant to be entertaining?
 This is Filthy Frank. He and iDubbbz have collaborated on a number of videos. Filthy Frank has his own style. He is just as funny as iDubbbz but in his own way. He says things that are very shocking, but at the same time I find him hilarious as well. In fact, I have a number of videos of his saved into my Favourites folder so that I can find them quickly if I want to watch them. He puts a lot of effort into his videos, sometimes playing multiple characters in the same video. People have said that his is "the worst channel on the internet". I don't care what they say. He is funny and talented, and if I want a good laugh I always know where to turn. I know that he is merely a character of YouTuber George (Joji) Miller, so it's easy not to take him too seriously.
Not all YouTubers see things the way I do, and that is fine. There is certainly enough of a variety of channels on YouTube for people to select channels that are most appealing to them. Today I happened to be watching a video by a YouTuber I usually don't watch, but who has gotten a lot of flak over the years from the YT community. He was updating his subscribers on what was happening with his channel, as well as expressing remorse for some things he's said in the past that he's not proud of. He said that he regrets referring to iDubbbz' viewers as "scumbags". I thought about that. How many other people on YouTube, both creators and viewers, feel this way? And how am I a scumbag for enjoying a video? Sure, he apologized, but he didn't look terribly remorseful. So I decided to write this post as a message to him and anyone who thinks like him.
I am not the creators I watch. And I shouldn't have to deal with creators who attempt to make me feel bad for enjoying these videos. I am not criticizing the 1M+ subscribers that he has at the moment. I know they have their reasons. Just like I have my reasons for saying I would never subscribe to him now under any circumstances. Calling people "scumbags" because of a preference shows how little character this YouTuber had. Having said that, I think I will wrap this blog post up now and go watch some Filthy Frank. Feel free to join me.